Ted Cruz, Stop Responding to Your Critics i.e. Donald Trump

TedI’m a fan of Ted Cruz. Maybe not a fan. But I like his politics. I like his thoughts on running this country by the Constitution. I admire his desire to get us out of Obamacare and his work to stop illegal immigration. He has really tried to accomplish those things he said he’d do when he ran for the U.S. Senate with the blessing of Sarah Palin and many others who suppoted him then but who now support Donald Trump.

But I have one problem with Ted. He doesn’t know when to shut up. Funny thing though, don’t you think? That’s what people used to say about Donald Trump. It’s actually what Ted Cruz is now saying to Donald Trump.

“Quit saying I cheated in Iowa,” says Ted, or something similar.

“I didn’t steal your votes,” Ted says to Ben Carson.

If Ted Cruz will heed my advice to stop responding to Donald Trump, maybe he should do the same regarding Ben Carson or anyone else who criticizes him.

On a day when Barack Obama visited a mosque, Ted Cruz should’ve spoken about that. The Lord knows Jeb Bush did and what he said about Obama’s visit to a mosque was laughable.

Maybe Ted Cruz should spend more time taking the high road as he did before Donald Trump began attacking him daily. I liked Ted Cruz better in those, what do you call them? Oh yeah, the good ole days.

For more info, check out Ted’s website.

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