Senator Tom Coburn Warns America to Not Elect a Monster (a Hitler reference?)

Tom Coburn Warns America to Be Careful not to Elect another Adolf HitlerDuring the second hour of the Chris Krok show on WBAP 820 AM in Dallas, TX Monday night, the featured guest was former Oklahoma senator Tom Coburn. He appeared on the show to speak about a town hall meeting for the Convention of the States ( taking place the next evening in Dallas where he would be appearing.

The first segment of the interview began with a talk about the trillions of dollars of our national debt and about our 143 trillion dollars in unfunded liabliities. Senator Coburn broke that down to allow listeners to easily understand the debt that each American taxpayer now currently owes $1,000,000.

But what about the presidental race?

In an interview like this, Chris Krok could only talk so much about debt and the Convention of States, so he did what any conservative talk show host would do with a former GOP senator, he asked about the current GOP NH primary and the vote which would begin in hours.

When Chris first aksed Tom Coburn about his preference for the GOP nominiee, Coburn hedged his bets because he admitted he is pushing a cause, the Convention of States and didn’t want to alienate any particular person or supporters of certain candidates. However, Krok rephrased his question, “Well, is there any candidate who you would not trust [to be the nominee]?” Coburn chuckled and went ahead and gave an answer.

For someone who didn’t want to alienate candidates or their supporters, Coburn was quick with a name, many, including the host, were probably suprised at the ease at which “Ted Cruz” rolled off the tongue of the former Oklahoma senator.

He detailed why Cruz would not make a good president, “He’s burned so many bridges in the Senate that he would never get anything accomplished.” Yes, that’s an argument that has been touted by others, including Donald Trump.

Coburn went on to mention how he thought Jeb Bush and John Kasich were good guys but he got some jabs in on them too, especially how Kasich as head of the budget committe helped pass the 1997 balanced budget act but that he added in $1,000,000 of earmarks for projects in major Ohio cities at the same time.

Coburn talked about Trump too

But what did Coburn say about Trump? “He’s a great entertainer. But I have doubts about him because of the times he’s filed for bankruptcy, not just for his company, but the multiple companies he’s parntered with that have also filed for bankruptcy.”

A warning for the American voters

Then the most shocking thing I have ever heard Tom Coburn say came next. He started speaking about how after the Germans signed the Treaty of Versailles that they elected a monster (referring to Hitler’s election many years later). Coburn commented that Americans are angry like the Germans were after World War I but warned that we can’t go down that road too and to be careful who we elect.

Since the conversation was about the Republican primary without a single word during this interview spoken about Hillary or Bernie, common sense tells me that Coburn was speaking about GOP voters and how they need to make sure not to elect a “monster.” Was Coburn talking about Trump? Was Coburn talking about Cruz?

We know one thing for sure, he never said a bad thing about Marco Rubio. So I’m guessing he’s a Rubio supporter and wasn’t talking about him.

Calling a Republican presidential nominee a Nazi or comparing them to one is typically not something Republicans will do during a campaign. Usually, it’s the Democrats who do that. But it seems like 2016 is an entirely different type of campaign.

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