Milo Yiannopoulos is Right About Gays and Islamic Terror

“Wake Up, Faggots. The political Left is part of the problem!” – Milo Yiannopoulos (June 12, 2016)


In his blog post for, the most evil supervillian of the internet told it like it is, gave us the rest of the story, spouted enough truths to make the most livid liberal have Jack Nicholsonesque “A Few Good Men” flashbacks. No, they can’t handle the truth. And that truth is that Muslims hate gays and Muslims kill gays and Islamic governments outlaw gay sex and that those caught in homosexual acts are put to death, although not as quickly as the evil muslim fiend Omar Mir Seddique Mateen did so on the early morning of June 12th in a gay night club in Orlando, Florida.

The radical gay leadership in this country should be overthrown when it is behind stupidity as seen in the tweet below from Milo Yiannopoulos:

In their overwheming need to have every self-victimized group be accepted in America, be it feminists, gays, Muslims, left handed piccolo players, illegal immigrants and the rest of the “victim” list, the liberal leaders of the LGBTQISCLIWSFHG?@##&% movement have gone so far as to advocate for a religion that wishes they didn’t exist and will go so far as to murder them and have those murders sanctioned by their governments. And if that isn’t enough, one of thier ISIS insipred lone-wolf lackeys will do the killing for them.

Liberals and their lapdog media accomplices will do all they can to make sure the truth about Islam and gays is hidden. But they will only be successful if the people want to remain ignorant and unfortnately people love to stay ignorant because ignroance is bliss, at least temporarliy.

Welcome to the new America, the land of willing ignorance and temporay bliss.

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