Donald Trump on the Iran Nuke Treaty

Donald Trump on Iran

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News in April, Donald Trump had this to say about the Iran Nuke treaty:

It’s a terrible deal. The United States has been beaten at virtually every corner. The deal will lead to nuclear proliferation throughout the region and a nuclear arms race. It’s a terrible thing for Israel. Iran is not getting rid of any of its nuclear plants. They’re not getting rid of anything. [The regime] will become rich, because now that the sanctions are off, they are going to cash in. They are going to leverage the deal to continue to cause problems throughout the region, including Yemen, and finalizing its takeover of Iraq.

Read the complete interview here or just wait for him to speak about it forcefully over the next few days.

UPDATE: He did speak, see it here.

He’s right. The only ones benefiting from this is Iran and possibly Russia and China, their allies. The three countries could become the new Axis of Evil. Not all their people of course, but their leadership.

But what else could Donald Trump have said after this deal was announced instead of tweeting about putting Pete Rose in the Baseball Hall of Fame. He needs to stop that. There’s an international crisis going on with Iran and he’s talking sports. That’s reminiscent of President Obama and the NCAA Tournament 🙂

Here’s five things the Donald could have said to Iran about their amazingly beneficial nuke deal:

1) I’ll kick your ass Iran!
2) Fatawah? Get behind Chapo!
3) You want your frozen assets back and a nuclear bomb? Are you freakin’ crazy?
4) You Iranians are a bunch of homophobes. Forced gender changes and stoning? Like I said, Are you freakin’ crazy?
5) Go ahead, stop buying my ties and matresses and golfing at my resorts, ooooh, I’m scared!

And about our lead negotiator in this deal….

. You're Fired

John Kerry, YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!



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